Emergency Management Tools

In a time of crisis, having a pre-packed emergency kit can be the difference that saves lives. HOPE has developed and distributes two different emergency management tools, The Rescue Ready Bag and P.E.T. The Personal Emergency Topper.


The Rescue Ready Bag

The Rescue Ready bag was inspired by Atlanta's 2014 snowstorm public emergency. When the snowstorm struck our unsuspecting and unprepared city, many were stranded without the proper supplies.

These Rescue Ready bags include a variety of supplies that are absolutely essential to have on hand in an emergency situation: water, first aid kits, dust masks, and and emergency supply checklist from FEMA.

We also recommend storing personal supplies in these bags, such as: three days of additional medication, an extra pair of eyeglasses, and laminated personal identification information.

We offer local communities the hands-on opportunity to pack their "Are You Rescue Ready?" bag in a group workshop setting.

The Personal Emergency Topper

The P.E.T. is a wearable lightweight, waterproof garment with a high visibility design featuring reflective materials and bright colors. This emergency vest was created for children, individuals with disability, the elderly, and other vulnerable populations who are especially at-risk in the event of a natural disaster.

The vest is lined with reflective tape, with four front pockets and two large pouch pockets on the back. The front pockets come equipped with an attached whistle and crank-powered flashlight. Small back pouches are made to hold an identification card and helmet. The larger pouch holds medical and health information cards that will indicate and describe any known health conditions, allergies and physical or mental impairments.


Ready to get prepared?

Learn how to build your own emergency preparation bags.

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